TRAVELLERS have been told to leave a high street car park by tomorrow morning, bosses have confirmed.

The group of travellers, believed to be three caravans, have been given a direction to leave notice by Essex Police this afternoon.

The travellers arrived in the early hours of this morning.


A spokesman from Basildon Council, said: "We are aware of an unauthorised encampment at the Main Car Park, Wickford involving three caravans which appeared there overnight.

“The land is council owned and controlled and the unauthorised encampment has been reported to the Essex County Traveller Unit, which will undertake further action on the council’s behalf.

“Police have attended and assessed the situation in accordance with established procedures.

"Those responsible for the encampment will be given direction to leave.

"If they fail to leave voluntarily within 24 hours further legal action will be taken via the request of an Eviction Order from the Magistrates’ Court.”