SOUTHEND’S fastest grandad notched up a whopping 110mph on a 1980s scooter, breaking four world records in the process.

Keith Terry, 69, broke the records on his modified Lambretta and has now been dubbed the “fastest grandfather in all of Southend”, following his feat.

He spent three years modifying and improving his scooter, with the engine having more than 75 per cent added to its original capability.

But Keith revealed how his run on a runway in Yorkshire was “done blind” to help streamline the scooter as he crossed the finish line.

He told the Echo how he battled against a crosswind to achieve the top speed. Keith said: “It took a lot of work to get to this point, so I’m really pleased with the outcome.

“I’ve been eyeing up the opportunity for more than two years. It’s taken a lot of modifying and changing it around.

“There was also a lot of red tape to get through before I could enter. I even had to ask them to change the rules to allow me to take part.

“I had to pay £650 just a few days before I was going to take part, they told me it didn’t meet their rules.

“I also had to pay for private healthcare to make sure I was healthy. I had an ECG and a heart scan before I travelled up there.”

Keith’s records were confirmed at the weekend, with the grandad of six now holding the quickest standing start mile on a Lambretta at 110mph and the “flying kilometre” at 107mph on a Lambretta.

He also holds the fastest standing start quarter mile on a Lambretta at 14 seconds, and the quickest flying quarter mile at eight-and-a-half seconds.

Mr Terry added: “There was just another guy on the day, we had a right battle the whole day. I tuck my head right down into the dashboard, I’m riding it blind at the end, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that!

“There is an element of danger to it, but there’s a guy in an ambulance in case it goes wrong.”