We’ve all seen celebrities take on the daunting task of eating insects in a bush tucker trial, but are you brave enough to spice up your meal with crickets?

A pair of best friends and now business partners from Leigh have spent lockdown coming up with a never seen before food brand - using crickets to make seasonings.

Harry Wright, 27, came up with the innovative idea to use alternative protein to add flavour to his “bland” keto diet while getting the healthy benefits. 

Harry pitched the idea to Matt Dean, 27, and the pair then spent lockdown coming up with the quirky new products for their brand Short Horn.

Harry said: “Lockdown has honestly been a nightmare for a lot of people but it was also a time to be reflective.

“I’m quite into fitness. I have a keto diet which is incredibly bland.

“I’ve always had an interest in alternative protein.

“Effectively from coming up with the idea, we looked at different seasonings that we wanted. We did taste testing over zoom and then met up at our local sitting on different tables when lockdown eased.

“We love eating. We’re passionate about eating but eating well.”

Harry and Matt have now launched three different seasonings - the taco mix, the harissa mix and the chinese five spice mix - under their new brand Short Horn.

Echo: Short Horn seasoningsShort Horn seasonings

Short Horn products are made up of 50 per cent crickets and 50 per cent seasoning mix.

Harry and Matthew launched their online shop on January 21 and their products were an instant hit.

Harry said: “Generally it’s been really positive. We sold out pretty quickly after the launch.

“Lockdown has limited the amount of experiences people can have.

“It’s pushed people to be that bit more experimental. They’ve been receptive to it.

"The reviews have been incredibly positive. It’s important for us to build that consumer trust before we push too many boundaries.

"We’re the first people in the UK to do this.”