A ONE-WAY system around Southend’s Priory Park is now under “serious consideration” after a councillor offered up some of his land.

A plan to create a dual-carriageway in Priory Crescent is on the table after a councillor offered up land he owns to help make the scheme possible.

St Luke’s ward councillor Brian Ayling is offering up to 12ft of his land where Priory Crescent meets Eastern Avenue which would allow a pedestrian walkway to be built, freeing up the pavement to allow the road to be widened.

The scheme to alleviate the growing pressure on Priory Crescent, a key east-west route linking the town, was first put forward in January.

It was touted as an alternative to a relief road connecting Warner’s Bridge near the airport retail park to Nestuda Way, and on towards the roundabout at Tesco Extra on the A127.

Mr Ayling said: “I’ve put forward a solution to the long-standing problem of providing a dual carriageway from Cuckoo Corner through to Bournes Green which will solve many of the area’s traffic problems.

“I’ve discussed the proposal with the cabinet member for highways who believes it may be a cost-effective solution that will not require the removal of any trees and give visitors the opportunity to access Southend’s glorious beaches easily and reduce the traffic flows around the town.”

An early scheme to widen the stretch Priory Crescent was thwarted by Camp Bling protesters protecting the Saxon King burial site in 2005. The new scheme would see traffic eased, with two lanes heading east and a one-way system around Priory Park, taking two lanes of traffic westwards instead of one.

Mr Ayling added: “You could have a roundabout at the Fairfax Drive/Victoria Avenue junction so people would turn right onto Victoria Avenue for the A127. It is a small detour and better than sitting in a traffic jam.”

Council leader, Ian Gilbert, said: “If there is land available it is certainly worthy of consideration. I’m not sure how much help the land would be but it is certainly worth looking into.

“There is a possibility of using a one way system to ease traffic flow. It is something being looked at but I want to emphasise we don’t want to go back to the previous plan that would involve taking any of the park.”