AIRPORT bosses have been forced to pay out thousands of pounds to furious homeowners after noise levels dramatically increased when the runway was extended.

Southend Airport will be paying a total of £86,500 to nine homes near the runway to help repay losses to the value of their properties growing in price, following a court ruling.

The highest figure paid sits at £17,000, to a home on Stambridge Road.


Kevin Buck, shadow councillor in charge of transport, said the 2012 extension to the runway at the airport was a turning point for noise levels.

He said: “I’m surprised it’s only nine homes. There will be more people who may want to formally complain.

“The extension allowed for larger planes to use the runway.

The noise levels then increased.

“When I bought my home more than 20 years ago, the runway extension and the amount of noise was never on the cards.

“We were told the runway couldn’t be expanded, but the goalposts changed.”

As part of the ruling, nine homes on nine different roads will all be paid out from between £4,000 and £17,000.

The homes on the roads range in value from £152,500, on Queen Elizabeth Way, to £255,000 on Stambridge Road The home on Taunton Drive decreased in 15 per cent in value because of the noise caused by aircraft, the claimant believes, but no compensation has been offered.

A couple from Stambridge Drive, who wished to remain anonymous, have been trying to claim compensation “for years”.

A 48-year-old resident, said: “We’re directly under the flight path.

“We have to pause the TV when a plane goes overhead. You can’t be heard in the garden.

“With the larger aircraft, the house sometimes shakes.

“When easyJet left, it became less noticeable. Lockdown was a relief to be honest, there was a lot less flights.

“It drives us insane.”

Kimberley O’Connell, from Eastwood, added: “I’m surprised it’s only nine homes.

“There’s a lot of residents who would want to complain.”

A spokesman from Southend Aiport, said: "London Southend Airport respects the decision of the independent judicial tribunal.

"The airport takes its role in the community extremely seriously and will continue to engage with residents so that we can all enjoy a sustainable future founded on responsible airport operations and creating long term job opportunities."