Southend residents were surprised when two superheroes casually strolled along the seafront while they enjoyed their socially-distanced walk.

We have all been made to contend with having to wear face coverings due to the coronavirus pandemic, but a pair of Thundersley Superhero Alliance members took the guidelines to a whole new level as they were covered head-to-toe in Captain America and Spider-Man costumes.

Gaz de Vere, Nicola Miller, Hamada Elwan and Kaleigh Potter – who are members of our Camera Club Facebook group – took to the streets to grab these eye-catching photographs of the dynamic duo.

Captain America – complete with his world-renowned shield – and Spider-Man strutted their superhero style along Southend seafront, walking from Chalkwell’s Saltwater Beach Cafe to Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Shoebury and back again.

It was all for a good cause as they looked to raise vital funds for Epilepsy Action.

The Marvel duo complied with Covid-19 regulations by getting into a socially-distanced queue and interacted with amazed fans from a safe distance.

Spider-Man also got up close and personal with a dinosaur at Sealife’s Pangaea Adventure.

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