A loving daughter is full of joy after rediscovering her dad’s former boat three years after his death. 

Sarah Spinks-Ives made it her personal mission to find Alcyone after her father, Robert Spinks, sadly passed away in October 2017.

The boat, which was built in Leigh close to 50 years ago, had been Robert’s pride and joy before a series of strokes and a dementia diagnosis resulted in him being unable to sail.

The news resulted in him making the heartbreaking decision to sell the Sea King wooden sailing boat but it is now back in the family after Sarah succeeded in bringing Alcyone home.

She is pleased to have seen the three-year expedition end with a positive outcome.

Sarah, 38, said: “My dad bought the boat when it had holes in and it was impossible to sail.

“He repaired it so that it could be taken on the waters again and it’s safe to say Alcyone was his pride and joy.

“My dad loved sailing from a young age and I have some great memories of the boat. We went on holidays on it and I wanted to find it when my dad died.

“Having seen him spend many months restoring it - with blood, sweat and tears along the way - I know how difficult it was for him to let it go and I’m so proud to have found Alcyone.”

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Sarah eventually discovered the much-loved boat in Walton-on-the-Naze’s Titchmarsh Marina.

She admits it was like searching for a needle in a haystack until her mum reminded her of a distinctive feature.

Sarah added: “I had posted about Alcyone in roughly 50 Facebook groups and many people told me it would be long gone, but I still had hope that I would be able to find it somehow.

“My mum then reminded me of a fish ornament on the boat which had been blessed by monks before my dad bought it.

“Once I searched with that information in hand, I managed to find it and it was a surreal moment.

“It’s fantastic to have it back in the family and I can’t let it go again.

“I’m hoping to restore it because it’s impossible for it to sail at the moment.”

Sarah is seeking donations to help her restore Alcyone to its former glory, with her setting a target of £500.

To donate, visit gofund.me/e991d2b3.