DOZENS of seals were spotted relaxing in the Spring sunshine waiting to find the perfect partner as mating seasons begin.

Around 20 female common seals were seen on the banks of the River Roach, near Potton Island, with the mammals all waiting for a male seal to swim upstream.

This comes as a pair of porpoises were spotted off Southend’s iconic pier on Tuesday.

Porpoises are a rare sighting in the Thames Estuary, with seals rarely seen in groups of this size.

Trevor Hockey, who was travelling on a boat trip along the River Roach, explained his surprise to see the seals enjoying the afternoon sunshine. The 67-year-old from Rayleigh, said: “It was really great to see them all there.

Echo: Credit: Trevor HockeyCredit: Trevor Hockey

“We were told they were all females, waiting for a mate.

“The other males are somewhere else in the river.

“I’ve never done something like this before, a friend recommended one of the trips out.”


Injured seals are often taken to the south Essex Wildlife Hospital in Orsett.

Garlic the seal was released back into the wild after he was rescued in Southend. He had swum 500 miles from Scotland.

Danny Love, who snapped a video of the porpoises was pleased to see the them in the Estuary. He said: “It was nice to be allowed back on the pier again and was lovely seeing the porpoises frolicking.

“They asked for directions to the best football team in London and I sent them to Stratford!”