A BOY was chased with a knife into a secondary school.

A police probe has been launched into the incident on Tuesday, which saw a boy chased along Prittlewell Chase, near Chase High school, by a group of teenagers.

The gang were not pupils from Chase High, it has been confirmed.

Police and school bosses insist safeguarding is in place and those involved are believed to have known each other.

The school have now increased staff presence at the school gates.

The Echo was told a second similar incident occured in the same location.

However Essex Police believe emergency calls to the scene were a hoax.


A spokesman from Essex Police, said: "We are investigating a report that a boy was chased by another boy in Prittlewell Chase, Southend, at about 3pm on 13 April.

"The suspect was seen with what appeared to be a knife.

"The incident is believed to involve people known to each other and is being treated as isolated.

"Safeguarding is in place and enquiries remain ongoing.

"Officers received a report at 2.45pm on April 14, that children were seen with what appeared to be a knife outside the school.

"Officers attended and carried out a search. No suspects were found and the call is believed to have been a hoax call."

In a letter home to parents, headteacher Jamie Foster said: "At the end of the day on Tuesday, our pupils were leaving the site at which point the gates to exit were opened.

"A year 11 pupil left the premises and was confronted by several young people who do not attend Chase High.

"The pupil returned to the school site but was followed by one of the group who then carried out a serious threat towards the pupil.

"The police were alerted and arrived shortly afterwards but by this time the offender had fled.

"This appears not to be a random confrontation and we are assisting the police with their investigations.

"We have taken steps to safeguard the pupil concerned, who was not harmed in the incident.

"We do not believe there was any risk to other pupils and the site remains secure, buzzer entry from 8.50am to 2.45pm. However,  we have increased our staff presence at the start and end of the day, and will of course, remain vigilant.

"I can confirm the police did arrive again yesterday afternoon but they quickly established this to be a hoax call and left shortly after.

"I appreciate rumours may have caused concern but I hope this letter will reassure you that the safety of our pupils is of utmost importance."