An eight-year-old girl is full of joy after raising more than £500 before even completing her fundraising challenge.

Maisy Morris set herself the task of supporting Dementia UK in a three-part fitness extravaganza.

The Millhouse Primary School pupil aimed to bounce 100 times on her trampoline, ride her bike for two miles and complete 100 laps of her garden.

But, before completing any of the three-parter, she raised £500 in the space of just 48 hours.

Her mother, Natalie Morris, is overjoyed to see the energetic youngster looking to help others in the midst of a global pandemic.

Natalie, of Basildon, said: “I am incredibly proud of Maisy.

“She is amazing and doing something not many eight-year-olds would go out there and do.

“Maisy has been a member of the local Brownies group for 18 months and that has brought her out of her shell.

“I think the pandemic has opened her eyes to other people’s struggles and that resulted in her wanting to help others.”

Maisy decided she wanted to support Dementia UK after visiting the Woodbury Court care home, on Tavistock Road, Basildon, as a member of Millhouse Primary School’s choir.

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Natalie added: “Maisy has been wanting to gain Brownies badges and one of them relates to charity work.

“After visiting Woodbury Court, she learnt about the effects of dementia and quickly decided she wanted to help a charity surrounding that.

“She has been talking me through dementia and it’s amazing to see how much knowledge she has picked up along this fundraising journey.”

Donations came from far and wide, including from family members in the United States of America.

Natalie admitted: “I told her to set a target of raising £100 because it was her first time attempting to raise money for charity.

“She insisted on aiming higher than that and made her goal £500.

“Maisy reached that total within 48 hours of the fundraising page going live and I’m so proud of her.”