WORRIED parents are calling for a “dangerous” pavement to be fixed, as it hasn’t been repaired since a child chipped her front teeth after tripping over two years ago.

Parents at the Phoenix Primary School, Leinster Road, believe another accident is waiting to happen because of the cracked path outside the school.

Young children are “constantly” tripping over because of the path, which council bosses insist is due to be repaired before it “gets any worse”.

Essex County Council confirmed the damage had been inspected by its highways team.

Joanne Priest, whose eldest daughter, nine, chipped her front teeth after falling on the pavement two years ago, is calling for action. The 44-year-old said: “There was just so much blood. I fear it’s going to happen again. It’s an accident waiting to happen.


“People’s buggys have almost broken because of it. Parents use wheelchairs along there.

“It’s terrible down there.

“The council come down there, and we all think they’re going to fix it. All they do is clean the path, leaving behind all the cracks.

“There’s dips all along there, it’s horrendous.

“I have to tell my daughters to stop if they’re walking ahead, you have to be so careful.”

County Hall insist the pavement damage is “relatively minor”, but admitted the condition is worsening.

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, explained how her nine-year-old son jumps out of the way of the “craters.”

The 41-year-old added: “He plays a game where he hops over all the cracks.

“It’s horrible walking down there.

“It’s frustrating it’s been left to get to this stage.”

Parents have complained to the school, but the responsibility lies with Essex County Council to fix it.

A spokesman from Essex Highways said: “There is an area on the pavement here which is worn and is slowly wearing away.

“While it is only relatively minor surface wear at the moment, it has been inspected and logged for repair as soon as possible to prevent it getting any worse.”