A judge has told an 80-year-old man who pulled his trousers down and performed sex acts on himself in front of a horrified neighbour his behaviour was "outrageous".

Ivor Eateen was released from custody on October 14 last year after being sentenced for sexually assaulting a woman on a bus and exposing himself to a teenager.

The elderly man offended again just two days later on October 16, where a distressed neighbour called the police following his exposure.

Eateen, of Kursaal Way, Southend, was outside his property when he gestured to the woman making a phone shape with his hand, suggesting she should call him.

He then pulled down his trousers and performed sex acts on himself gesturing in her direction.

Eateen was arrested for indecent exposure and remanded in custody.

He admitted the charge and was sentenced to six months in jail at Basildon Crown Court.

He has been released due to time served.

Judge Samantha Cohen told the court: “She sensibly pretty much ignored you and called the police.

“You must understand that the women to whom this happens are frightened by what you’re doing.

“They are not flattered and they do not want it. It is very upsetting for them and frightening.

“They do not know what you might do.”

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On April 17 last year on Woodgrange Drive in Southend, Eateen attempted to reach for a woman’s crotch area.

Only nine days later, he was spotted performing sex acts on himself in public by a 16-year-old girl.

Then, on May 2, he followed a woman onto a bus, moving closer to her and putting his hand down her top and grabbing her breast.

Mitigating, Daniel Jones said: “The key thing is to get him some help through his GP.

“A short custodial sentence and release today and the probation to give him some assistance to access his GP and get the care he needs.”

Judge Cohen, sitting at Basildon Crown Court, added: “It’s outrageous behaviour.

“You must not do it any more.

“There are two reasons - one, you drink to much and it hampers your ability to restrain yourself, and you are probably suffering from early stages of dementia.”