SOUTH Essex NHS bosses signed up for an app which would pay staff daily instead of monthly... just months before the firm responsible went bust.

The mid and south Essex NHS trust is one of the only trusts across the country to say yes to using the Earnd app earlier this year, the Echo can reveal.

But last month, Lex Greensill, the man behind the app, filed for administration with his Greensill firm £10million in debt.

The trust insists no money changed hands, but staff data was shared with the firm.


David Cameron, the former Prime Minister, came under fire last week for lobbying the NHS and Government ministers to fully roll out the app in March last year.

NHS chiefs in south Essex, who were first alerted to Greensill’s financial issues in March this year, refused to reveal who they met with in January.

MPs expressed their shock, with Sir David Amess MP calling for an “urgent explanation.”

In leaked emails seen by the Echo, Claire Panniker, chief executive of the NHS trust, insisted “proper and appropriate” processes were followed.

James Duddridge, MP for Rochford and Southend East, added: “I was not aware of any relationship between the trust, Greensill or the Earnd app.”

The idea of the app was simple, to take the pressure off NHS staff who may struggle to wait for payday.

Staff whose trusts had signed up would enter their details and staff ID, then Earnd would take advantage of data-sharing from the trust, which would be invisible to the staff.

A spokesman from Save Southend NHS, slammed the move. She said: “The NHS should not be dealing with private firms, it’s a public institution.

“Staff barely have time to check their emails on shift, let alone what data is being used. Was there a consultation held with staff if their data was being shared?”

The Echo understands seven NHS trusts across the country signed up.

The mid and south Essex trust insisted no staff lost money, and the agreement “held no monetary value.” Bosses pulled the plug at the end of March. Claire Panniker insisted the trust has not lost money either.