THE most in-demand south Essex primary schools for the next academic year have been revealed.

Data from Essex County Council shows which schools across Basildon, Castle Point and Rochford received the most applications from parents and carers with children due to start reception in September.

Out of 15,779 applications Essex County Council received on time, 14,161 pupils who are due to start in reception year this September have been offered their parent or carer’s first preference of primary school.

This equates to 89.75 per cent of the total eligible cohort and represents a slight increase on last year which saw 89.38 per cent.

Nearly six per cent of children were offered their parent’s second preference of school.

In south Essex the top four most sought after schools were Quilters Infant School,  Buttsbury Infant School, Lee Chapel Primary School and Brightside Primary School.

Quilters Infant School was at the top of the list.

A total of 388 children applied for the school with 112 putting it as their first choice.

Here are the ten most applied for schools in south Essex and how many put it as their first choice:

  • Quilters Infant School = 388 applied and 112 first preference
  • Buttsbury Infant School = 363 applied and 133 as first preference
  • Lee Chapel Primary School = 348 applied and 163 as first preferences
  • Brightside Primary School = 259 applied and 74 as first preference
  • The Phoenix Primary School = 237 applied and 92 as first choices
  • Great Berry Primary School = 232 applied and 79 as first choices
  • Hockley Primary School = 207 applied and 67 as first preference
  • Abacus Primary School = 206 applied and 70 as first choice
  • Grove Wood Primary School = 202 applied and 95 as first preference
  • The Robert Drake Primary School = 200 and 54 as first preference

A council spokesman said: “Essex County Council’s school admissions team, alongside school organisation and place planning colleagues have worked closely together to deliver the admissions process again, despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.”

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2021 statistics:

• First preference school – 89.75 per cent

• Second preference school – 5.94 per cent

• Third preference school – 1.93 per cent

• Fourth preference school – 0.70 per cent

• 1.68 per cent of pupils could not be offered one of their parent’s preferred schools and have been offered a place at the nearest school with a place available.