HUGE £17million works to overhaul a major south Essex junction will begin later this year, it has been revealed.

A new one-way “Southend link road” will allow drivers to skip several miles of the A130 and join the A127 before travelling to the seaside town without using the Rayleigh Spur roundabout.

The roundabout is notoriously difficult for drivers - particularly during rush hour - and it is hoped the plan could alleviate long stretches of standstill traffic.

Under the new plan, drivers would leave the A130 prior to the Fairglen Interchange, using the “Southend Link” road and then turning right and joining the A127 towards Southend. Drivers would need to travel less than a mile on the A1245 before joining the A127.


Cars leaving the Southend-bound A127 carriageway will have a third lane to join if merging onto the A1245 towards Battlesbridge.

A dedicated slip road will then take drivers directly from the A1245 onto the London-bound A127.

Work is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

Ron Woodley, deputy leader at Southend Council, explained how crucial the junction is to Southend’s businesses.

He said: “It’s so important to us.

“The less interrupted traffic coming in, and the less traffic that is being interfered coming out, the better.

“Any move to improve infrastructure is welcomed.”

When the works are completed, a new bridge will also be built for pedestrians and cyclists.

Kerry Smith, deputy leader of Basildon Council, added: “This will help make us a red hot economy coming out of the pandemic.

“The A127 is 40 odd years out of date, we need a major project to fix the whole dual carriageway.

“It’s in a dreadful state.

“Every little helps, it all contributes.

“It’s all about getting the investment and using it wisely.”

Essex County Council cited high levels of congestion, poor visibility on approaches, and slow average speeds and unreliable journey times before embarking on the ambitious plans.

New and longer slip roads onto the A127, and increased signal control at the nearby Rayleigh Spur roundabout, are all part of the improvements too.

Essex County Council insist congestion at the interchange would become “worse over time if no action is taken.”

A spokesman from County Hall, said: “Planned improvement works at the A127/A130 Fairglen Interchange are expected to get underway later in 2021/22.

“The scheme includes a new link road between the A130 and the A1245 north of the railway line, a segregated left-turn lane from the A1245 southbound to the A127 eastbound, slip road improvements, and a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Essex County Council refused to disclose a specific date for when work will get underway.