A Southend singer has set her sights on becoming the country’s next biggest hitmaker as she prepares to release her debut single.

Lily Harrison, who performs under the name Tygalily, will see her first track released this weekend.

The hit, Don’t Look Back, has been in the pipeline for just a matter of weeks.

Lily, who has been recording music for the last two years, admits this is a milestone moment as she looks to become a big name in the industry.

She said: “I am really excited ahead of my first single being released on May 16.

“I have worked so hard on this and it has all been turned around in the space of three weeks, which wasn’t easy in the middle of a pandemic.

“The first single is all about getting a reaction from the public and hoping people go out and buy it.

“My aim is to keep releasing music and build up a fanbase.

“I’m not someone who really looks at the numbers, in terms of downloads, so I haven’t set myself any goals in that respect.

“Having said that, I’m hoping this song will kickstart my career.”

Breakthrough - Tyga Lily is releasing her first single this weekend

Breakthrough - Tyga Lily is releasing her first single this weekend

Lily admits looking to release a debut single while coronavirus restrictions are in place has not been easy.

She added: “Because of the rule of six, it was very difficult recording the video for the song.

“We recorded it in central London but we could only have six people and that limited what we could do as well as making it take longer because of having to keep changing people around in scenes.

“The song is about me telling a guy I had been seeing not to waste any more of my time and I think a lot of people can relate to that, whether you’re male or female.

“I have been singing and dancing since the age of three so this is an incredibly proud moment for me.”

Lily’s mum, Su Harrison, has been a radio presenter for the likes of Heart and is currently on the Radio Essex airwaves.

The up-and-coming singer admits her mum’s musicality has rubbed off on her.

Lily admitted: “My mum has been involved in radio my whole life, so I have always been around music.

“She took me on roadshows and was in a band when she was growing up.

“I think my mum’s involvement in music has played a big part in my journey.”