Basildon's Denise Van Outen has revealed she has postponed her wedding thanks to the pandemic. 

The West End star had been planning a low-key affair at a registry office with her partner Eddie Boxshall.

But Denise has now revealed she is instead planning to wait to tie the knot at a time when friends and family can attend. 

Speaking to the Sun she said it was more likely she would be getting married in 2023. 

She said: “We’re not engaged but we are preparing to get married. It will definitely happen but we’re not in a rush.

“We’re both getting back to work now with everything opening up and it’s just finding the time, as we want it to be a big day and that takes a lot of planning.

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“We don’t want a small wedding. We want a big group of people and a big party with no restrictions.

“Plus, with all the weddings that have been cancelled because of the pandemic, there’s going to be a massive backlog and I wouldn’t want to get in the way of all of them. Let them all go first!”

Denise, 46, and Eddie, who live together in Essex, have been a couple for seven years.