RULE breakers could face £100 fines in two areas of Southend in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Plans for a public space protection order (PSPO), are now being put to residents and businesses, following on from a series of incidents in Old Leigh and Chalkwell.

Several dispersal orders have been introduced across Old Leigh in recent months, most recently over the May Bank Holiday weekend, to combat boozy crowds causing trouble.

This comes as teenagers from gangs which police believe could possibly be linked to two murder investigations, were banned from entering parts of Southend, Rayleigh and Leigh.


A PSPO has been in place in Southend Town Centre and the seafront since 2019.

Echo: The PSPO plans for LeighThe PSPO plans for Leigh

This new dispersal order would cover Chalkwell and Leigh.

The consultation was launched on May 7.

Martin Terry, councillor in charge of community safety, said: “A PSPO has been in place in the town centre and seafront since 2019 and we use it as a last resort, to tackle the most persistent of offenders.

Echo: The PSPO plans in ChalkwellThe PSPO plans in Chalkwell

"Now following on from concerns raised by residents in Chalkwell and Leigh, we are asking whether a PSPO should be introduced there and what anti-social behaviours they think it should include.

"The PSPO is not going to solve all of the challenges we face and we don’t want to deter people from visiting, especially after this past year.

"But it might encourage a small minority of people who seem to want to cause trouble, to have a more respect for our town and its residents.

"The PSPO is an additional set of powers Essex Police and the community safety unit can use as an additional deterrent, when other offers of assistance and advice have been exhausted.

"It is important our residents and local businesses tell us what they want and need from the PSPO via this consultation, and we look forward to hearing your views.”















Cllr Martin Terry,


The consultation launched on Friday 7 May and runs for four weeks. You can give your feedback here: