A FORMER Basildon mayor is set to return to the role this month and has vowed to unite “each town in the borough”.

David Dadds, Tory councillor for the Billericay East Ward, will become Mayor of Basildon at the end of the month and criticised the previous Labour-led administration as he announced the news.

He claims he will unite the borough after towns were pitted against each other in the past as they fought to secure funding.

Mr Dadds, who served as mayor between 2018 and 2019, also claimed residents feel “disconnected” from the councillors that represent them.


Mr Dadds said: “We need to listen to our residents, that’s what they deserve. We’re in office because of them.

“Towns across Basildon are often used against each in a political game. I will prevent that rhetoric.

“We can’t play them off against each other. Residents don’t want division.”

Mr Dadds will replace Labour’s David Burton-Sampson who lost his seat in the St Martin’s ward at this month’s election.

The election saw the Conservative party regain control of Basildon and immediately announce plans to review Labour’s plan for the area.

The Tory party has pledged to go back to the drawing board on the masterplan for the town centre, as well as scrapping plans to create a youth zone in the town.

The new mayor says he will be supporting the Motivated Minds mental health charity and all food banks in the borough.

Mr Dadds added: “Motivated Minds do some great work, and I’m delighted to support them.”

“People getting mental health support is essential, especially after the year we’ve had.

“I will do everything I can to support food banks.

“I will encourage the full council to work together for the benefit of our community, and I recognise that our five towns are diverse and special.

“We are united by a common purpose and shared values, with no-one being left behind.

“We must listen to our local communities and represent them to the best of our abilities.”

The formal appointment of David Dadds as mayor will take place on May 27.