STEPPING on stage in Canvey Island football club's signature shirts, British Sea Power could almost have been passed off as one of us at the Monico.

That is, except for their strong Yorkshire accents.

The band made a special visit to Canvey to perform tracks from their new album Do You Like Rock Music, including the hugely popular Canvey Island.

The band, who are currently racing up the charts and into the hearts of many a music fan, penned a track about the Castle Point town after hearing a documentary about the 1953 flood on the radio.

The song focuses on the lost records from Canvey Island FC and as the first few notes of the track were played, the crowd erupted.

The Monico, on Eastern Esplanade, was at full capacity despite the £15 entry charge and the last minute nature of the gig.

Not a person in the room was standing still as the band performed their emotional, big rock tunes - especially when lead singer Yan Wilkinson launched himself off the stage for a bout of crowd surfing.

The audience were further surprised when Dr Feelgood star Wilko Johnson joined the band on stage. The ageing rocker showed the youngsters a thing or two about playing guitar and helped round off a belting show.

In fact, on the band's website forum the following day, fans were calling it Britsh Sea Power's best ever gig.