THE British National Party is fielding candidates in every ward at next month's Basildon Council elections.

The far right group has fulfilled last year's pledge to stand candidates in all 14 of the 16 wards which are up for re-election.

Last year, it fielded 11 candidates and none were elected.

It also stood in every ward in Thurrock and failed to win any.

The full house means the party is fielding one more candidate than the Lib Dems, who are not standing in Pitsea North West.

Basildon Labour group leader Nigel Smith said: "I am very sad.

"The BNP is a very divisive party that offers nothing to the people of the district.

"They have been seen off in the past and I am sure the good people of Basildon will see them off again."

Council leader Malcolm Buckley said: "Everyone has a democratic right to stand, but my personal view is the policy of the BNP is such that most right minded people would not support their racist petition on so many issues.

"We are in a changing society, but the BNP only seeks to reinforce divisions in our society."

Sid Chaney, 87, is standing for the BNP in Pitsea South East.

He said: "I think it is going to be pretty good and could swing our way.

"Vange is the most marginal seat we might get. We have fought Fryerns three times and done very well."

UKIP has put up four candidates, in Pitsea North West, Billericay East, Billericay West and Langdon Hills. The Green party stands in Langdon Hills, Lee Chapel North and Vange.

Former councillor David Harrison, who is part of the Wickford Action Group, which campaigns against overdevelopment of the town, is standing as an independent in Wickford North.

Vange councillor Jane Dyer, who has stood down from the Labour party, is standing as an independent in the ward.

Labour's Richard Lewellyn has moved from St Martin's to stand in Pitsea South East to allow group heavyweight Phil Rackley to stand in his place, after he stepped down from Pitsea South East last year.

Basildon Council nominations:


Roger Hatch (Lib Dem)

Susan McCaffery (UK Ind)

Geoffrey McCarthy (BNP)

Patricia Reid (Lab)

Stuart Sullivan (Con)*


Wendy Aitken (Lab)

Michael Bateman (BNP)

Belinda Jackson (Lib Dem)

Philip Turner (Con) *

Cherry Young (UK Ind)


Irene Bateman (BNP)

Richard Moore (Con)*

Geoffrey Taylor (Lib Dem)

Margaret Viney (Lab)


Stuart Allen (Con)*

Anthony Borlase (Lab)

Jennifer Lucy Cole (Lib Dem)

Carolyn Rossiter (BNP)


Jim Devlin (Con)

Leonard Heather (BNP)

Paul Kirkman (Lab)*

John Lutton (Lib Dem)


David King (BNP)

David Kirkman (Lab)

Jonathan Myall (Lib Dem)

Frank Tomlin (Con)*


David Aitken (Ind)

Santa Bennett (Lab)

Jane Dyer (Ind)*

Dean Hall (Green Party)

Philip Jenkins (Lib Dem)

Rodney Leveridge (BNP)

Luke MacKenzie (Con)


Mark Coxshall (Con)

Lynda Gordon (Lab)*

Ernest Humphries (Green Party)

Stephen Nice (Lib Dem)

Jay Slaven (BNP)


William Archibald (Lab)

Imelda Clancy (UK Ind)

Stephen Hillier (Con)*

Annie Humphries (Green Party)

Emma Peall (Lib Dem)

Kevin Swaby (BNP)


Mark Henry (BNP)

Kerry Whitaker (Con)

Geoff Williams (Lib Dem)*

Mark Witzer (Lab)


Andrew Baggott (Con)*

Emma Collins (Lab)

Terry McBride (UK Ind)

Raymond Pearce (BNP)


Ann Blake (Con)*

Sidney Chaney (BNP)

Vivien Howard (Lib Dem)

Richard Llewellyn (Lab)


Gwen Ball (Con)

Michael Dickinson (Lib Dem)

Philip Howell (BNP)

Philip Rackley (Lab)


Anthony Gladwin (BNP)

David Harrison (Ind)

Carole Morris (Con)*

Christopher Wilson (Lab)

Michael Woods (Lib Dem)