RICKAAAAAAY is a name that is sure to be ringing in the ears of this young superstar in the making.

Maisie Smith, six, from Westcliff, is playing the lead role of Tiffany Dean in the hit BBC soap EastEnders.

Tiffany is a troublesome and cheeky lass, and the youngest daughter of soap favourite Bianca Jackson, played by Patsy Palmer.

Maisie's mum, Julia, 37, said the young actress shares quite a few traits with the character she plays.

Mrs Smith said: "The role is an exaggeration of her own personality, she's a little madam.

"A lively character both on and off screen.

"The difference is, she's told to pronounce her t's at home!"

Since first appearing in the show, last week, Tiffany has entertained viewers with her feisty, red-head personality, which she no doubt inherits from screenmum Bianca.

Maisie has been filming EastEnders for four days a week since January, and is taught by a tutor on set when she misses school.

She also recently ap-peared on the big screen with a part in the Other Boleyn Girl, alongside Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Port-man and Eric Bana.

Mrs Smith said: "She is not star-struck at all and has her feet very firmly on the ground.

"She is an extremely confident child and a great actress."

Maisie has attended the Singer Stage School, in Leigh, for about 18 months.

Sandra Singer, who runs the school, said: "Maisie has the most incredible memory and when it comes to script work she is fantastic.

"It is often very difficult for a six-year-old to act, but she handles it really well and adores it."