BASILDON MP Angela Smith joined anti-fur campaigners in Parliament in a bid to end seal hunting in Canada.

The Labour politician watched footage of the 2008 seal hunt in Canada, and was briefed by the campaign group Respect for Animals.

Mrs Smith was particularly disturbed at the footage of grey seal pups being clubbed to death in a nature reserve.

She said: "The Canadian seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine animals on the planet, and the footage revealed the killing is clearly not quick or humane.

"I have now taken the matter up with the UK Trade Minister, who is lobbying our European Union counterparts to attempt to bring in a Europe-wide ban on seal products."

Mark Glover, of Respect for Animals, added: "It is still legal to import the products of this cruel slaughter into the UK, and this must end now.

"With the support of MPs like Angela Smith we can achieve this."