A DESIGNER carrier bag will be launched by the Leigh Fairtrade Town Campaign to encourage people not to use plastic bags.

Shops in Leigh will be asked if they use Fairtrade products and would lend their name to the bag.

A local artist will then come up with a design to reflect the environmentally-friendly attitude in Leigh.

Shops which use ethical products will be given a plaque to show their support for the campaign.

David Elcock, one of the organisers, said: "We will ask them to sponsor the bags and have their logos on one side. On the other side there will be a funky design from a local artist that would make it trendy and cool to have.

"It would be sold in shops for between £1 and £1.50, or given away if we can get the shops to sponsor them.

"It will raise awareness of Leigh Fairtrade Town Campaign and is one way of reducing the number of plastic bags we use."

Mr Elcock said they would also be approaching hairdressers as part of a "fair snip" drive to encourage them to use ethically produced tea and coffee.

The aim is to get Leigh recognised officially as a fairtrade town by the end of autumn.