Southend is preparing to party in style for the King's coronation with more than 60 street parties planned.

Here are the Southend roads closing for street parties this weekend.

Saturday, May 6

Thear Close, Westcliff

Herschell Road, Leigh

Woodleigh Avenue, Leigh

Leigham Court Drive, Leigh

Christchurch Road, Southend

Merilies Gardens, Westcliff

Surbiton Road, Southend

Westcliff Park Drive, Westcliff

MacDonald Avenue, Westcliff

Poppyfield Close, Eastwood

Eastwood Lane, Westcliff

South Park Road, Leigh

Crowstone Avenue, Westcliff

Sandhurst Crescent, Leigh

Southchurch Hall Close, Southend

Westcliff Drive, Leigh

Daines Way, Southend

Gipson Park Close, Eastwood

Olive Avenue, Leigh

Sweyne Avenue, Southend

Sunday, May 7

Prittlewell Square, Southend

Glen Road, Leigh

Salisbury Road, Leigh

Belfairs Drive, Leigh

Marlborough Road, Southend

Leasway, Chalkwell

Western Road, Southend

Canvey Road, Leigh

Ray Walk, Leigh

Ray Close, Leigh

Leigh Cliff Road, Leigh

Hadleigh Road, Westcliff

Shepard Close, Eastwood

Tyrone Road, Thorpe Bay

Edinburgh Avenue, Leigh

Crescent Road, Leigh

Chadwick Road, Chalkwell

Burnham Road, Leigh 

Lovelace Avenue, Southend

Chapmans Walk, Leigh

Park Side, Chalkwell

Lyme Road, Southend

Hamboro Gardens, Leigh

Lympstone Close, Eastwood

Warwick Road, Thorpe Bay

Briarwood Drive, Leigh

Second Avenue, Chalkwell

Keith Way, Southend

Aragon Close, Southend

South Avenue, Southend

Aberdeen Gardens, Leigh

Flemming Avenue, Leigh

Merilies Close, Westcliff

Henley Crescent, Westcliff

Quorn Gardens, Leigh

Olive Avenue, Leigh

Fleetwood Avenue, Westcliff

Hildaville Drive, Westcliff

Monday, May 8

Park Road, Westcliff