SOUTH Essex youngsters are set to have a front-row view of the King’s Coronation procession in central London tomorow.

Children from the 1st Hawkwell Girls’ Brigade group and 1st Laindon group will be able to get a glimpse of King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, as they sit in a special area in The Mall.

Following the procession, the groups will follow police as part of parade leading up to Buckingham Palace.

Sally Clayden, 53, leader of 1st Hawkwell Girls’ Brigade, said: “It’s going to be the most amazing day, we’ve been to the Trooping of the Colour before, but this is a step beyond this.

“They will get front row viewing and will be near the Admiralty Arch in The Mall and there will be speakers for them to hear the ceremony.

“They will see the royals go past twice on the day and our girls will walk behind the police after the procession up to the palace for a good view of them coming out onto the balcony.

“I have 88 girls and 13 will be going, I asked the girls to send me litters, pictures and videos about why they should be going.

“They are very excited and realise how it’s a oncein-a-lifetime chance this is.”

The coronation ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, London, and will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The ceremony will see His Majesty King Charles III crowned alongside The Queen Consort.

Ms Clayden added: “The girls know how lucky they are to be going and getting the views like this.

“They will be representing our group and Essex too, and I love that about Girls Brigade, we would never get this chance.

“I love making memories like this and one of the youngsters said she can’t wait to tell her family when she becomes an old lady - which is so lovely.

“It will be something for them to look back and remember. One of our leaders, Wendy Hatton has been sewing the new flags, known as colours, for the armed forces in the procession.

“It’s a big deal and very special for her, but she’s so modest."