Stop The World Cafe in Leigh are known for their fancy cakes, but do they deliver on taste as well as visual appeal?

To find out the Echo headed to the popular eatery to sample a particularly fancy baked delight.

Echo: Popular - Stop the World Cafe in LeighPopular - Stop the World Cafe in Leigh (Image: Newsquest staff)

The attractive cafe is right in the heart of town on Leigh Broadway. The building is raised up from the pavement and seems to call out like a beacon of calm saying: 'come and eat cake and drink tea'. 

I could not resist the siren selling sweet treats and headed up the steps to get my sugar fix.

Opening the heavy doors to the cafe I was met with a wave of happy chattering from customers enjoying themselves, as well as the smell of good coffee.

Looking at the array of cakes on offer, from orange cheesecake brownies to lemon meringue pie, it was difficult to decide which one to pick.

Echo: Array of cakes - the tasty selection at Stop the WorldArray of cakes - the tasty selection at Stop the World (Image: Newsquest staff)

I wanted to pick the ''fanciest' cake on offer that day, so I was on the look out for one that had been carefully crafted and was a thing of beauty.

There were lots of very pretty cakes to choose from, but one in particular caught my eye.

The friendly staff took my order and I waited for my chosen cake to arrive.

Echo: The fancy box - a tasty takeaway treatThe fancy box - a tasty takeaway treat (Image: Newsquest staff)

The cakes are secured in a pretty box with a Stop The World Cafe label for takeaways. 

There was a lively atmosphere in the cafe. The owners are clearly doing something right, as even on a Thursday afternoon the cafe was full and buzzing with energy.

As I broke the sticker to reveal the cake I was very happy with my choice - a red velvet bunt cake with blueberries and frosting, costing £4.95.

The substantial cake could easily feed two people. When cut in half blueberries filled the inside and gave a pleasing burst of juice to each mouthful of cake.

Echo: Fancy cake - the red velvet, blueberry bunt cakeFancy cake - the red velvet, blueberry bunt cake (Image: Newsquest staff)

It had the distinctive red velvet flavour, and was not overly sweet, which complemented the sweet frosting on top.

The blueberries really added an extra, and needed, dimension to the cake. It gave moisture to the sponge and a nice freshness. Overall I would say it was a delicious, and seriously fancy, cake.