A DRUNK woman who collapsed could face jail after admitting to a racist attack on a paramedic who was trying to treat her.

Sharon Burwood, 45, of no fixed abode, had drunk a bottle of brandy when she collapsed outside the Spa pub, in Spa Road, Hockley, at 6.15pm on June 12.

Two paramedics, including the victim, Dil Patel, were called to 999 reports of an unconscious woman.

But Southend Magistrates' Court heard as they tried to treat her she came round, pointed at Mr Patel and called out: "Don't trust him, he is a foreigner." She then slapped him across the face.

Defence solicitor Lee Wilcockson, explained it was the anniversary of the death of one of Burwood's parents, and she could not remember what had happened because she had drunk so much alcohol.

She pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault by beating, but the case was adjourned until July 14 for reports.

Chairman of the magistrates, Christopher Catchpole, warned her she could face a custodial sentence.

After the case, the paramedic Mr Patel, who is based at Southend, said he was very disappointed at having to "endure abuse" while working.

He said: "We take great pride in our privileged position of being able to serve the general public.

"Unfortunately, my colleagues and I are suffering more and more abuse while attending an increasing number of alcohol-related incidents." Joy Hale, spokeswoman for the East of England Ambulance Service, said the attack was very upsetting, and that abuse or violence towards staff is considered "completely unacceptable".

She added: "Dil was already faced with dealing with an intoxicated patient, which is challenging in itself.

"But to be subjected to the kind of behaviour he was, made it all the worse.

"Any assault on NHS staff is intolerable, so we are pleased the police, Crown Prosecution Service and the court have taken the case this far. We hope the forthcoming sentence will reflect what has happened."