THIS crop circle has mysteriously appeared in wheatfields opposite a pub.

Horsewoman Clare Bird was shocked and thrilled when she spotted the star-shaped pattern while riding near the Cherry Tree pub, in Stambridge.

She said: “I thought it was wheat damage at first, because I could see all this flattened corn, but the closer I got, the more I could see.

“It’s pretty amazing.

“My other half is quite interested in things like this. We went down there and took some photos. It’s a star shape, with points coming out of a centre circle.

Miss Bird, 35, of East Street, Rochford, and boyfriend Saul Willsher, 37, took a tape and measured the pattern at 396 feet across. She added: “It’s very strange. I’ve seen crop damage and got excited thinking it’s going to be a circle. Then it turns out only to be wheat damage. But this is a strong, definite pattern.”

The other-worldy design was snapped from a four-seater plane owned by Willow Air, based at Southend Airport, by Echo photographer Dave Henderson.

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