A QUIET revolution of sorts, which started from a conversation in a pub, is aiming to make Westcliff carbon-neutral.

Five friends have made it their mission to raise awareness of how cutting energy use and improving home insulation can save money and make their town a better place to live.

Transition Town Westcliff also aims to encourage people to buy local produce and shop locally, reducing car journeys.

Residents have already been invited to talks on alternative heating using wood-burning boilers.

They have also been told about the benefits of using solar-heated water, double glazing, draughtproofing and insulation.

Wood burning stoves have also been put forward as an alternative way of cooking.

Kamil Pachalko, 25, of Hamlet Court Road, is one of the five founders. He said: “Using wood in a stove, which can be used for cooking and heating, is a far more sustainable way of using energy.

“Fossil fuels release carbon into the atmosphere, but growing wood absorbs carbon and coppicing of woodland maintains the supply of wood.”

The group publishes an online newsletter and blog at www.transistionwestcliff .org.uk, but also likes to spread the word through meetings for residents.

A recent meeting with the Chalkwell Ward Residents Association looked at the future of oil supplies and climate change.

Mr Pachalko said: “This resulted in a heated discussion and great feedback.

“So far, the meetings have been very enlightening and we made many valuable contacts with individuals and groups.”

For more information, e-mail kamilpac@googlemail.com.