A SUPERMARKET is hoping to generate electricity on site in a bid to become more green.

Tesco Extra, in Pitsea, has applied to Basildon Council to install a combined heat and power plant, within the existing service yard.

The plant will use natural gas or sustainable biofuel to power the store instead of taking electricity from the national grid.

The superstore has also put in a planning application to build a temporary car park with 111 spaces.

Nick Gellatly, spokesman for Tesco, said: “Combined heat and power is a key part of Tesco’s renewable energy strategy, part of our programme to reducing our carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2020.

“This saves us up to 10 per cent in energy use and carbon emissions compared to a comparable store. We will be monitoring how it performs so we can begin installing them across the country next year, assuming we get planning consent of course.”

The new temporary car parking spaces are being provided for the increased number of customers expected in the run-up to the festive season.

Mr Gellatly added: “The intention is to provide customers with more car park spaces over Christmas. Our car parks are rarely full to capacity except at key times like this.

“This is just for the festive season to make it easier for customers to park at a busy store like Pitsea.”

Councillors are expected to vote on the power plant in December, while no date has been set for a decision on the temporary car park.