CAMPAIGNERS are fighting to stop a proposed mobile phone base station being built near a school in Grays.

Vodafone have submitted an application to Thurrock Council to put the base at Viking House, next to the Daneholes roundabout.

Parent Andrea Wright, 40, of Gunning Road, Little Thurrock, said: “It’s such a short distance from the Little Thurrock Primary School and I am not happy t these masts are completely safe.”

Ward Councillor for Little Thurrock, Rob Gledhill, has backed Mrs Wright’s concerns.

He said: “Councillor Ben Maney and I are appalled Vodafone want to add more phone masts on Lodge Lane.

“We fear this application is a mast too far and will be strongly opposing it along with the parents and children at the primary school and local residents.”

“They are also next to three parks and recreation areas well used by the community.

“If there are concerns expressed on a Government report about the risks of one mast, what would be the effect of having four masts transmitting 24/7 from the same location?”

The proposed Vodafone radio base station is required to improve the 3G coverage to customers in the area.

Vodafone spokesman, Rob Matthews, said: “All of our base stations are designed, built and operated in accordance with stringent international guidelines which have the formal backing of independent bodies.”