TWO south Essex firms played a part in cancer sufferer Jade Goody’s emotional wedding to Jack Tweed.

Catering company Chocolate Fools provided a tasty treat, while Partyman Company entertained at the pair’s glitzy reception.

Both businesses were invited to the reception after offering their services free of charge when the couple organised their wedding at Down Hall, Herts, at the last minute.

Partyman World of Play, based in Repton Close, Basildon, supplied popular entertainer James Sinclair, also known as Jimbo.

He spent the evening keeping all the children – including Jade’s sons Bobby, five, and Freddie, four – spellbound with his tricks.

Jimbo, who owns the company, said: “Jade’s sons loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed being dressed head to toe in balloons and spending hours of fun on the giant inflatables, fun slides and bouncy castles. It was an honour for the Partyman Company to be a part of Jade’s special day.

“It is incredibly sad for her and her family, but for one day everyone was there to have a wonderful time, and that is all you can wish for.”

Jade, 27, who has been told she may only have weeks to live, has announced she will be arranging a christening for her sons as soon as possible.

Jimbo has offered her mum, Jackey Budden, the use of his new play centre, set to open on March 6 at Lakeside, for Bobby, Freddie and all their friends to use for free.

Theresa Smith, 39, co-owner of Chocolate Fools, was also at the couple’s reception.

Theresa set up Chocolate Fools, based in Church End Lane, Wickford, a year ago.

She explained “I e-mailed Jack Tweed before the wedding to ask if we could help by supplying them with a chocolate fountain and then Jade’s bridesmaid got in touch with us and it went from there.

“We set up the fountain at the reception and were there for the night. It was very emotional, but there were also a lot of laughs.”

Doctors said they didn’t think Jade would stay much past 4pm, but she carried on until midnight.

She added: “It was lovely to watch while she was on the stage dancing to the Suga Babes and having a good time, though it’s obvious she was in a lot of pain. She really did look beautiful.”