COUNCIL chiefs are still refusing to say if the average speed cameras on the A127 are working.

Drivers were told the cameras were due to start working on January 15, but were shocked when Essex county councillor Norman Hume revealed no drivers had been caught because the cameras were not working.

Despite repeated calls from the Echo, the council has refused to say why the cameras aren’t working and when they are likely to be.

A written question from the Echo asked when the cameras would be switched on and what was wrong with the cameras?

But spokesman Scott Wilson refused to answer, saying: “I am afraid I will have to refer you to our current statement on this.”

The statement avoided the questions and restated everything said when the controversy arose.

Speed Check Services, which manufactures the ca-meras has stated there is nothing wrong with them.

Meanwhile, motorists are simply frustrated they have no idea what’s going on.

Brian Houssart, 75, of Glenwood Avenue, South-end, is a retired taxi driver.

He said: “Most taxi drivers I’ve spoken to think the cameras are a load of rubbish, but my wife and I live where motorcyclists used to rev-up as they left the town on the A127.

“That was between 2am 4am and it used to wake us up. Since the 50mph limit started, that’s stopped.”

Terry Giffin, 51, of Nor-sey View Drive, Billericay, added: “The county council should say if the cameras are working or not.”