CONTROVERSIAL plans for a £12million Canvey road scheme are back on the agenda.

The proposals would see a dual carriageway built between the Northwick Road roundabout and Charfleets roundabout, plus a single carriageway between Charfleets roundabout and Haven Road.

The Government released the cash for the Roscommon Way extension to the county council’s highways department in December, 2008.

But if work on the 1.6mile-link is not finished by 2011, the highways department could lose out on the cash.

It has resubmitted plans to the county council’s planning department to hopefully get them approved and under way by the autumn.

Meanwhile, residents have until May 4 to make their views known on the plans, which include a new access road into Charfleets Industrial Estate.

Norman Smith, Castle Point councillor responsible for for regeneration, believes the first phase will help expand Charfleets and create hundreds of new jobs.

He said: “That means jobs for Castle Point people to stop them travelling out of the borough which releases some of the pressure on the roads.”

But Canvey Island Independent Party councillor Peter May has concerns about the effectiveness of the scheme.

He said: “It will hopefully relieve traffic for residents down Haven Road, but the general feeling from the people I speak to is that it’s a road to nowhere.”

He is sceptical about claims by highways experts the road will help improve the evacuation of the island in the event of a flood.

Mr May added: “They say they are going to build the road higher to help with evacuation, but all roads off the island will still lead to Waterside roundabout. Canvey should have a third road.”

Mr Smith defended the extension, which is part of a two-phase plan that will eventually see a road linking Haven Road with Thorney Bay Road.

He said: “The second phase, which we will start fighting for funding now, will make a huge difference to traffic flow and if we don’t get the money for the first phase we’ll never get the money for the second phase.

“Obviously we would still like a third road, but the Government won’t give us money for that.”

The plans can be viewed in full on the council’s website They can also be viewed at at the council offices, in Kiln Road, Thundersley, at Great Tarpots Library, in London Road, Benfleet, or at Canvey Library, in the island’s High Street.