A FURIOUS woman told how burglars crept into her house through a broken back door – five years after she first asked her landlords to fix it.

Karen Bobey of Dews- green, Vange, said her three children have been left heartbroken by thieves who took most of their toys, costing more than £600.

Miss Bobey said she has constantly asked the door to be fixed by South Anglia Housing, who she rents the home from.

She said the theft took place last Friday, when she was at Basildon Hospital for an appointment with her youngest child, six-month-old Della-Jane.

Jewellery, a Nintendo Wii, computer games and DVDs belonging to her children Rheannon, 13, Porsha-Louise, eight, and Della-Jane, was taken Miss Bobey, 35, said: “The children are devastated. All their toys are gone and now noone feels safe.

“I have been on to Anglia Housing about my back door for the past five years.

“After the theft I rang them and a man came round and put a plank of wood across the door, but he said the only thing he could do was make it secure.

“But this wouldn’t have happened if it was fixed and now everything I have got for the kids is gone.”

Miss Bobey said South Anglia Housing had sent workers around to take measurements for a new door following previous complaints, but said no one had ever come to fit a new door.

Maike Riedel, a spokeswoman for South Anglia Housing, said: “We are very sorry the lock was not fixed and for any distress this has caused to Miss Bobey and her family.

“We will reimburse her in full value of the stolen items.

“It is concerning this repair was missed due to a change of sub-contractors, and we would like to assure residents that we are committed to providing a safe place to live and putting the welfare of our residents first.”