COMEDY king Rik Mayall filmed scenes for his new movie in a Basildon strip club.

The star of cult classic comedies the Young Ones, Bottom, and the New Statesman, spent a full day filming at Katz Gentleman’s Club, in Time Square.

He was shooting scenes for a film called Just for the Record – a spoof documentary about what happens when making a movie goes wrong.

Rik’s character is featured interviewing cast and crew members, asking them what went pear-shaped.

The scene at Katz involves him flirting with an exotic dancer, while he is supposed to be concentrating on one of the interviews.

Gemma Andrew, 25, from Basildon, promotions manager for Katz, said: “I had to open the front door to let him in the club.

“He must have been here from eight in the morning to ten at night.

“He was really nice and was very funny – kind of manic like he is on the telly. It was really exciting because I love Bottom and the Young Ones.”

More footage for the film is scheduled to be shot at Cineplex Movie Starr cinema, Eastern Esplanade, Canvey, tomorrow, but it is not known if Rik is going to be appearing.

The movie also stars Dirk Benedict, who played Face in the A-Team, and former Playboy model Victoria Silvstedt.

Director Steve Lawson, 32, from Chadwell Heath, east London, said: “It’s about a failed film, and Rik Mayall’s character goes back to find out why it went wrong, interviewing the people involved.

“It boils down to the director being an idiot and the producer a drunkard who spends most of the budget in strip clubs.

“We want to show the audience this is what the film industry is like and it’s not as glamorous as people think.

“Essex has got some perfect locations for making films and we are trying to show that you can make good quality films in Britain with local talent and locations.”