THE majority of motorists travelling over the Dartford Crossing want a new bridge to ease congestion, according to an MP’s survey.

The Department for Transport is looking into how to reduce traffic on the crossing, which deals with around 145,000 cars each day.

Options include one way toll booths at the current crossing, improving the existing capacity of the bridge, or even creating a new crossing.

The two possible crossing points are between the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent and the A1089 at Tilbury Docks, and from the M20 east of Gravesend to the east of Tilbury.

Labour MP Angela Smith is asking for views on the potential new bridge.

Mrs Smith, MP for Basildon and East Thurrock, recently ran an opinion poll on her website asking people what measures they would like introduced. The majority voted in favour of a new Lower Thames crossing.

Mrs Smith said: “I have been informed by the Department for Transport it is firstly investigating how to reduce congestion at the present crossing, such as having toll booths in one direction only.

“I would be grateful for the views of those who use the crossing.”

The annual profit from the tolls is estimated to be in excess of £52million.

To have your say on reducing congestion at the Dartford River Crossing, write to Angela Smith at the House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA.

Marking the envelope “Thames crossing consultation” or fill in the survey on Mrs Smith’s website at