A MAN who went berserk with a samurai sword, after necking about 25 bottles of Stella, has avoided a jail term.

Wayne Flack, 40, was arrested after terrified residents in Mellow Purgess, Laindon, heard him shouting and saw him waving the sword in the street.

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, told Basildon Crown Court: “Mr Malcolm, a neighbour, was at home when he heard some shouting and banging outside.

“He looked out from an upper window to see the defendant walking up and down.

“He had what’s described as a samurai sword and was waving it about, hitting fences and walls.

“He later told the probation officer he had some sort of argument with a woman earlier, which led to the behaviour.”

Police were called, and Flack put the sword down when confronted by officers on October 27 last year. He was then arrested.

Flack, of no fixed address, admitted one count of possessing an offensive weapon at a court hearing in May.

Diana Pigot, mitigating, said Flack had mental difficulties and a drinking problem, although he had now cut down his alcohol intake.

She said: “It’s quite clear Mr Flack does have mental difficulties.

“He has been diagnosed as having a personality disorder and drug and alcohol induced psychosis.

“He used to consume 25 bottles of lager a day, but now consumes 14 bottles a week.”

Sentencing Flack to a 12-month community order, recorder John Akast told Flack he was “getting too old for this sort of thing”, and he had to stick to the drugs prescribed for him.

Mr Akast said: “I don’t suppose you know what was going on in your mind that night.

“Keep the booze down, and if you can find someone to talk to when you get wound up so much the better, rather than waving a sword around when you could have hurt somebody.”