MP Bob Spink spoke out in the Commons over the choice of location for a new school on Canvey, which helps youngsters with behavioural problems.

Dr Spink, Independent MP for Castle Point, asked the Schools Secretary Ed Balls what could be done to make sure schools did not open in inappropriate locations.

He has organised a public meeting next week for residents and businesses near the Continuum School, in Vandervalt Road, Canvey, who have complained of an increase in antisocial behaviour since it opened last month.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Dr Spink said: “What can we do to ensure special schools that are opened for the most difficult kids in society are opened in proper and suitable locations, and the kids from throughout Essex, who are taken by taxi to the school just opened on Canvey, actually go into the school, and not into the town centre, where they are causing mayhem?”

Residents have reported youths in the High Street, throwing stones at cars and passers-by, using abusive language, climbing on the roof of the school and running across parked vans.

Mr Balls told Dr Spink the answer to tackling behavioural problems among young people was early intervention.

He said: “We need to do more to intervene early to ensure children with learning difficulties, or young people with behavioural problems get the extra support they need.”

The controversial school was opened by a not-for-profit company, the Continuum Group, in the former Leigh Beck Doctors Surgery and did not need planning permission as schools and surgeries come under the same category of use in planning law.

The company, which has a network of schools for children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, would not comment.

The public meeting will be held in hall three at The Paddocks, in Long Road, Canvey, on Thursday, October 22.

Police and Canvey town councillors have agreed to attend and invitations have been sent to Continuum School officials and Essex County councillors and officers.

Dr Spink said: “I continue to receive startling information about totally unacceptable behaviour from the youths attending this new school.

“This is having a deplorable impact on residents and businesses, police operations and is also doing these youths no good at all.”

The meeting starts at 7.30pm.