AN ILLEGAL worker begged to be rescued from the Hovefields traveller site, in Wickford, after he was beaten up.

The French man, 27, believed to be unofficially working for travellers and living on the site, ran into the nearby Jet service station, in Hovefields Avenue, pleading for help.

Garage staff called police and an ambulance after the man arrived with facial injuries.

This is the second time an illegal worker from the Hovefields site has sought refuge at the Jet garage after an attack.

In 2005, an illegal immigrant ran there for help after sustaining an axe wound to the head.

A customer, aged in his forties, who asked not to be named, said, in the latest incident, the man came into the garage pleading for help.

He said: “He came in saying ‘get me out of here’. He said he had been staying on the traveller site and had been attacked.”

A police helicopter was seen over the site shortly afterwards.

Residents who live nearby said the man had been working as a labourer for one of a number of unregistered driveway businesses based at the camp, which do employ non-travellers as cheap labour.

Roger Grimwade, Essex Police spokesman, said: “Police were called to the Hovefields service station following reports a man had been assaulted.

“A 27-year-old French man was located near the service station and he requested police took him to" target="_blank">Basildon Hospital for treatment to a cut above his eye.

“However, he declined to make any complaint about the circumstances in which he received the injury.”

Katie Poel, an ambulance spokeswoman confirmed a patient was treated at the Hovefields garage.

l If you are the victim, know him, or work for travellers at Hovefields, call Jon Austin, in confidence, on 01268 469304 or e-mail