A WOMAN who lost two babies has hit out at a “sickening” Facebook website which makes jokes about dead children.

Sherri Clarke, 30, who suffered two traumatic stillbirths, is campaigning to get the site “dead baby jokes” removed from the social networking website, but Facebook bosses flatly refuse to act.

Sherri, from Canvey, said she was sickened when a friend stumbled across the offending internet page.

She said: “My friend has lost a baby as well, and she rang me in tears telling me about it.

“I am disgusted. There are no words to describe this. It is repulsive.”

Sherri tragically lost her two unborn boys, Jack and Luke, when she was seven months pregnant. She also had to undergo the trauma of giving birth to both of them.

Happily, Sherri went on to have a healthy daughter, Maise, who is now four years old.

The “dead baby jokes” site has more than 2,000 “friends” and contains jokes about babies dying, as well as physical abuse to children.

Sherri is now urging people to join a Facebook campaign site to get the offending page removed. This site has more than 14,000 supporters.

She added: “So many people are outraged about this and a campaign has started to get it taken down.

“I am asking people to join it so we can get this page banned.

“We have reported it to Facebook numerous times, but they’ve done nothing.

“I think the most upsetting thing is there’s a lot of young people and teenagers on this site.

“How they think the subject of dead babies is funny is beyond me. Anyone who has lost a child will be horrified by this. This is just not a laughing matter.”

However, Facebook insisted it would not be banning the site.

Sophy Silver, spokesman for the social networking site, said: “While some kinds of comments and content may be upsetting, such as criticism of a certain culture, country, religion, lifestyle, or political ideology, it is not alone a reason to remove the discussion.

“The unfortunate reality is ignorance still exists, both on and off Facebook, and we believe such ignorance won’t be defeated simply by covering up the fact it exists, but rather by confronting it head on.

“We have reviewed the group in question. Unfortunately, it does not violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, so it will remain on the site.”

To support Sherri in her Facebook fight, visit www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=268379577596&ref=mf SOUTH Essex MPs have backed the campaign calling for the removal of offensive comments about dead babies on Facebook.

Castle Point MP Bob Spink pledged to raise the issue in the Commons.

He said: “I totally agree and sympathise with Sherri.

“It’s not just offensive and bad taste, it’s extremely disruptive.

“I will raise this matter in Parliament by putting down a motion calling for Facebook to clean up its act.”

Basildon and East Thurrock MP Angela Smith said: “I find it difficult to understand how anyone can be amused by jokes about dead babies. It sickens me.

“It is appalling Facebook can’t see it is so offensive and distressing to people.”