FANS are throwing their weight behind Southend United as it prepares to do battle again in the High Court.

The club faces another winding up hearing next Wednesday over a disputed tax bill of £200,000.

Famous fans and supporters clubs are rallying round the Blues and chairman Ron Martin, saying they are confident administration and a ten-point deduction can be avoided.

Former Southend East MP Teddy Taylor said: “It’s a big battle, but the impression I get is that they are winning the battle and that in the longer term their prospects are very good.

“Ron Martin is one of the best people I have found for controlling things. I have great confidence he will battle through. The fans need to be patient and have faith.”

A previous hearing brought by Revenue and Customs was adjourned to allow for each side to prepare their case.

The Blues dispute the amount they owe and claim they overpaid when they settled an outstanding £2.1million in November. They say two months’ worth of debt for October and November last year had been paid, but had been “misallocated” by the taxman.

Concerns over the club’s financial standing have continued this year, with delays in paying players, but the Shrimpers Trust says fans should stay positive.

Rob Craven, from the trust, said: “The latest from the club is they are confident they will be able to put the matter to bed. Hopefully the hearing will come out in our favour. I’m sure Ron Martin is working very hard in getting the evidence together.

“I hope the fans will maintain a positive outlook on things.”