MP Bob Spink is hoping his new Independent Save Our Green Belt party will help redefine politics in Castle Point.

The group, founded by Dr Spink as revealed in yesterday’s Echo, is set to field eight candidates in the up-and-coming local council election in May.

If the party is successful, it could alter the balance of power by taking the majority away from the Tories.

Currently, the Conservative-led authority has 24 of the council’s 40 seats. The Canvey Island Independent Party has 13, two are occupied by non-affiliated Independents and Labour has just one seat.

Doug Beard, a beekeeper and Save Our Green Belt candidate, said: “I’m fed up with everything being decided by a Tory cabinet. I don’t want people from Canvey telling people from Hadleigh what they want in their High Street and vice versa.”

With the Canvey independents refusing to field any candidates on the mainland, the Tories struggling to make headway on Canvey and Labour, with just one seat, a very distant third, matters have reached a bit of a stalemate.

Dave Blackwell, leader of the Canvey Island Independent Party, said he would consider teaming up with the Save Our Green Belt Party.

He said: “If they manage to take a few seats, we would be silly not to look at forming some sort of coalition.”

However, Mr Blackwell ruled out his independents joining up with Bob Spink’s new party.

He said: “No way. Not in a million years is that going to happen. I would resign as leader if my party didn’t kick me out first. We are not going to sell Canvey down the river like that.”

A coalition would be an unlikely alliance as many of the Canvey independents, including Mr Blackwell, were former Labour councillors. Dr Spink used to be a Tory.

Mr Blackwell was keen to stress things had changed.

He added: “Political persuasions like that are in the past. It would be a coming together of people who want the best for their community.”

However, Norman Smith, Tory councillor responsible for economic development, warned how coalitions lead to weak councils.

He said: “History shows that if you have a coalition it’s hard to get anything done.

“You’ve got to remember how well this council has done under Conservative rule. It’s gone from being one of the worst in the country to being in the top quarter.”