A COUNCILLOR fears lives could be put at risk after “confusing” signs were put up at a paddling pool.

Signs at the old paddling pool, near the Concord Cafe, on what is known as Concord Beach, read “Labworth Paddling Pools”.

Nick Harvey, leader of Canvey Town Council, believes this could confuse the emergency services, who, he says, could instead go to the Labworth Cafe, wasting time.

He said: “If you look at any Ordnance Survey map, it’s known as Concorde Beach. My concern is tourists who need an ambulance will see the signs and say Labworth Beach. But Labworth is the other way.”

Castle Point Council said the sign was the same as one put up at an adjacent paddling pool more than a year ago, without any problems Chief executive David Marchant said: “Locals and others may have adopted the name Concord Beach, but this is not an official designation.”