The Canvey Independent Party emerged victorious after winning five out of six seats on the island.

However, the Conservatives retained control of the council after wins in Benfleet, Hadleigh and Thundersley.

APPLETON *P Freeman (C) 1179 L Trollope (L) 627 Maj: 552 Con hold BOYCE N Smith (C) 1202 A Wright (L) 381 B Newman (Lib Dem) 314 Maj: 821 Con hold

CANVEY ISLAND CENTRAL *J King (C) 514 P May (C Ind) 907 M McArthur-Curtis (L) 267 C Hughes (Gn) 55 Maj: 393 C ind gainCANVEY ISLAND EAST *S Coates (C) 537 J Reilly (L) 373 P Davies (C Ind) 772 I Willis (Gn) 67 Maj: 235 C Ind gainCANVEY ISLAND NORTH *P Haunts (C) 458 D Kennedy (L) 388 N Harvey (C Ind) 911 C Keene (Gn) 60 Maj: 453 C Ind gainCANVEY ISLAND SOUTH *S Waymark (C) 634 D Curtis (L) 378 J Liddiard (C Ind) 855 M Willis (Gn) 59 Maj: 221 C Ind gainCANVEY ISLAND WEST *A Belford (C) 574 W Deal (L) 161 C Andrews (C Ind) 545 K Willis (Gn) 41 Maj: 29 Con holdCANVEY ISLAND WINTER GARDENS *D Best (C) 431 J Payne (L)193 P Greig (C Ind) 688 G Fryatt (Gn) 96 Maj: 257 C Ind gainCEDAR HALL A Iles (C) 1070 K Blanking (L) 547 Maj: 523 Con holdST GEORGE'S *A Cole (C) 859 J Cooke (L) 535 P Smith (Gn) 196 Maj: 324 Con holdST JAMES *G Isaacs (C) 1327 F Jones (L) 200 N Pachy (Gn) 373 Maj: 954 Con holdST MARY'S *A Meager (C) 1014 B Wilson (L) 590 T Newman (L D) 145 L Morgan (Gn) 160 Maj: 424 Con holdST PETER'S *P Challis (C) 1171 J Trollope (L) 345 E Peck (Gn) 254 M Anton (PFRC) 25 Maj: 826 Con holdVICTORIA *C Brunt (C) 1161 H Brett (L) 315 D Copping (Gn) 307 Maj: 846 Con hold