The Tories maintained their grip on power at Southend Civic Centre, taking 11 seats of the 19 up for grabs.

However, they paid for unpopular policies with the loss of their leader.

The party ended the night with one less seat - as did Labour - with the Lib Dems stengthening their power, winning two extra seats and becoming the second biggest party at the Civic Centre with nine councillors compared to Labour's eight.

Although the Conservatives are still out in front with 30 councillors they ended the night without a leader after Anna Waite's defeat in Prittlewell where she was beaten by Lib Dem Mike Grimwade by 125 votes.


BELFAIRS WARD * Fay Evans (Con) 1,326 Margaret Webb (All Sou) 879 Ronald Streeter (Lib Dem) 679 Maj: 447 Con hold Perc poll: 39.86

BLENHEIM PARK WARD * Brian Smith (Lib Dem) 1,009 Duncan Newham (Con) 814 Tino Callaghan (UKIP) 458 Julian Ware-Lane (Lab) 313 Maj: 195 Lib Dem hold Perc poll: 34.21CHALKWELL WARD Richard Brown (Con) 1,309 John Adams (Lib Dem) 648 John Aitkin (Lab) 365 Maj: 661 Con hold Perc poll: 32.55EASTWOOD PARK WARD * Andrew Moring (Con) 1,539 Stephen Walton (Lib Dem) 830 Raoul Meade (Lab) 233 Maj: 709 Con hold Perc poll: 34.97KURSAAL WARD * Judy McMahon (Lab) 650 Robin Blaine (Con) 522 Dean Fenner (BNP) 391 Jennifer Wexham (Lib Dem) 278 Maj: 128 Lab hold Perc poll: 27.82LEIGH WARD * Barry Godwin (Lib Dem) 1,316 Stephen Ryan (Con) 872 Nicola Gilbey (Green) 374 Maj: 444 Lib Dem hold Perc poll: 36.34MILTON WARD * Ann Robertson (Con) 818 Reg Copley (Lab) 431 John Bacon (All Sou) 318 Paul Collins (Lib Dem) 269 Stephen Jordan (Green) 208 Maj: 387 Con hold Perc poll: 29.98PRITTLEWELL WARD Michael Grimwade (Lib Dem) 1,124 * Anna Waite (Con) 999 John Croft (UKIP) 496 Alan Hart (Ind) 132 Maj: 125 Lib Dem gain Perc poll: 37.34SHOEBURYNESS WARD (two seats) Roger Hadley (Con) 1,071 * Allan Cole (Con) 884 Anne Chalk (Lab) 707 Mike Assenheim (All Sou) 629 Charles Willis (Lab) 438 Amanda Spraggs (Lib Dem) 232 Colin Spraggs (Lib Dem) 150 Maj: 364 first seat, 255 second seat Con hold both seats Perc poll: 30.91SOUTHCHURCH WARD * Brian Kelly (Con) 1,296 Stuart Freeman (BNP) 489 Joyce Mapp (Lab) 311 Linda Smith (Lib Dem) 300 Stuart Salmon (Green) 178 Maj: 807 Con hold Perc poll: 36.08ST LAURENCE WARD Ted Lewin (Lib Dem) 1,385 * Brian Houssart (Con) 1,099 Maj: 286 Lib Dem gain Perc poll: 33.33ST LUKES WARD * Mike Royston (Lab) 800 Nigel Folkard (Con) 604 Geoffrey Strobridge (BNP) 534 Brian Ayling (Lib Dem) 291 Christian Ramis (Green) 197 Maj: 196 Lab hold Perc poll: 30.98THORPE WARD * Daphne White (Con) 1,346 Ronald Woodley (All Sou) 950 Howard Gibeon (Lib Dem) 670 Christopher Gasper (Lab) 218 Maj: 396 Con hold Perc poll: 44.22VICTORIA WARD Margaret Borton (Lab) 719 Roger Kemp (Con) 456 Fenton Bowley (BNP) 366 Ronella Streeter (Lib Dem) 328 Maj: 263 Lab hold Perc poll: 26.89WEST LEIGH WARD (two seats) Nigel Holdcroft (Con) 1,562 * Gwen Horrigan (Con) 1,559 Shirley Pawson (Lib Dem) 983 Bryan Paddison (Lib Dem) 874 Paul Circus (Green) 428 Colin Ritchie (All Sou) 344 Maj: 579 first seat, 685 second seat Con hold both seats Perc poll: 44.64WEST SHOEBURY WARD Tony Cox (Con) 1,175 * Verina Weaver (All Sou) 456 Terence Jellis (BNP) 360 John Richards (Lab) 352 Chris Mallam (Lib Dem) 198 Linda Martin (Mums Army) 140 Maj: 719 Con gain from All Sou Perc poll: 36.54WESTBOROUGH WARD Tania Painton (All Sou) 673 Stephen Vincent (Lib Dem) 440 * Teresa Merrison (Lab) 394 Richard Waite (Con) 389 Maj: 233 All Sou gain from Lab Perc poll: 26.97