Thousands of commuters are campaigning against a timetable shake-up which axes morning c2c rail services starting at Laindon station.

Nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition objecting to the proposals which they fear will leave them without seats.

Eight London-bound trains currently start at Laindon during the morning rush-hour.

From December, all rail services are to start from Shoebury which means trains will serve ten stations before arriving at Laindon.

Commuters have now formed a Laindon Passengers' Action Group which claims the changes would lead to the loss of nearly 3,500 seats.

In a statement, the group said: "It is hard to imagine how 3,000 Laindon commuters are going to squeeze on to the trains.

"The group feels that the revision of the timetable will prove to be a bad decision which will impact on all commuters.

"It will be a case of Welcome back to the Misery Line'."

Rail company c2c insists its timetable changes will benefit commuters.

Rail company c2c plans to run three extra 12-carriage trains in the peak morning period on the Shoebury to Fenchurch Street line.

A fast service between Southend and Benfleet to London every 20 minutes is also proposed, plus more peak time direct services between Southend, Benfleet and West Ham.