A WOMAN and her puppy were attacked by a rottweiler and a suspected pitbull in Vange.

Lynn Wood, 62, has already had to fork out £5,000 in vet fees after her dog, Jack, was left with a crushed leg – scuppering his chances of being a show pooch.

The dog breeder, who has been unable to sleep since the attack, also hit out at police, who failed to send officers to the scene despite several witnesses dialling 999.

Lynn, of Middle Crockerford, Vange, said: “People said they could hear Jack’s screams from two streets away.

“Even I’ve had to go to the doctors because I couldn’t sleep. When I close my eyes, all I can see is that rottweiler’s face, and all I hear is Jack’s screams.”

Lynn was walking her two petit basset griffon vendeens – eight-month-old Jack and seven-year-old Dotty – through Dewsgreen when the attack happened.

The animals came bounding towards her and, while growling, began circling Lynn and her two dogs.

She said the rottweiler then sunk its teeth into Lynn’s arm and dragged her to the floor. As she lay there, the pitbull went for Jack, and cornered the terrified pup before launching a vicious attack.

Lynne said: “I managed to get up and grab hold of Dotty and threw her to a woman, who was in her front garden. The pitbull had got hold of Jack and locked his jaws around his leg.”

The dog only freed Jack after a workman stepped in to help by kicking the pitbull. Lynne added: “Jack’s leg was completely crushed. We’ve had to pay for a specialist orthopaedic vet to put him back together. We will never be able to put him in a show because of his injuries. He is a shadow of his former self.”

Lynn said she was disgusted by police who, despite receiving several 999 calls from terrified onlookers, failed to arrive at the scene.

She added: “My husband won’t let me walk my dogs on my own after this. Someone must know who these dogs belong to. They are dangerous and I want them caught.”

The rottweiler was black and tan, the pitbull black and white.

Police were unable to explain why officers did not attend the scene of the incident. Nishan Wijeratne, spokesman for Essex Police, said: “In agreement with the 62-year-old woman, officers took a statement from her on Sunday, March 28. Officers are still trying to ascertain the identities of the owners.”

Witnesses to the attack, which happened at lunchtime on Friday, March 26, can contact police at Pitsea on 0300 3334444.