A DEVASTATED dog owner told how a greyhound called “Daisy” killed her six-month-old puppy.

Janet Relton, 37, is heartbreaken at the loss of beloved Yorkshire terrier Miley, who was attacked in a field near the family home in The Upway, Basildon.

Ms Relton had taken Miley, and her other terrier pup for an afternoon walk, when they came across Daisy and her owner.

As usual, Ms Relton let Miley off the lead, and she said the pup trotted over to the greyhound, who was on a leash, to say hello.

She said: “Miley was a very friendly little dog, she was used to playing with big dogs, so she went over and rolled onto her back to show submission.

“The next thing I know the greyhound had grabbed her by the stomach and was shaking her like a rag doll.

“She was making the loudest, most awful screams I’ve heard.”

The mum-of-three ran over to the dogs and said the greyhound’s owner, a woman who she describes as in her fifties with glasses and brown hair, just stood there doing nothing.

Eventually the greyhound’s owner smacked her dog who tossed Miley to the ground.

Ms Relton said: “Miley was still breathing, but I knew there was no chance.

“I scooped her up in my arms and took her to the vet, but she died within half an hour.

“She didn’t have a scratch on her, the injuries were all internal.

“She was my absolute baby, she made me and the kids so happy. I just can’t come to terms with what’s happened.”

The traumatised dog lover said she reported the incident to the police, but they said they couldn’t take any action.

Ms Relton, who is divorced and has three children, Alanya, 11, Carys, ten, and Jayden, five, said she and her two sisters and mother, who all have dogs and live nearby, have been putting up posters warning people about the killer greyhound.

But these, as well as a tribute poster she put up on a tree near where Miley was savaged, keep being taken down.

Ms Relton does not know who the owner is, but is convinced she lives in the area.

She said: “I know greyhounds are bred to chase small furry animals, but I don’t see why harmless dogs like Miley should be kept on a leash because other people’s dogs are dangerous.”

Heather Watts, a spokeswoman for Essex Police said: “Although I appreciate it is very distressing for the owner of this dog, there has been no criminal offence committed in this case.”